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There would never be a dull moment with me. We would always be doing something or if we want a cuddle day, I'll build you a fort with pillows and blankets and we'd stay there all day and just hold each other. Oh and expected random kisses!!.. cont..

You’re very sweet :) thank you for all those messages😊

Anonymous asked
And I will cuddle with you all day and all night as long as you let me. I love sending good morning txts so you'd have lots from me every morning. I'd ask about your day and know all of your favorites. I would get to know you inside and out.. cont..

How sweet are you!

Anonymous asked
If you don't want to talk then I will buy you your favorite snacks and we will watch your favorite movies or shows or listen to your favorite bands. I will do all of that just so you know I am here for you. I wont ever leave your side... cont...


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I would love to sit up with you all night just to hear you talk about anything that is running through your head. Even if it doesn't make sense I want you to talk about whatever and whenever something comes to your mind.... continued...

Awww :)

Anonymous asked
What do you look for in a girl?

Someone who will sit with me at 3am and let me talk about my depression, why it’s there and what I’m feeling, or if I don’t wanna talk sit with me in silence watching tv or will do something to take my mind off it.
Someone who looks at me at 8am and smiles, kisses me and tells me I’m so beautiful when I’m tired, even though I’m not, they think I am.
Someone who will leave in the morning and send me a cute message to wake up to.
Someone who won’t push me to be open if I don’t want to be, but won’t let me go through anything on my own.
Someone who listens to my favourite band, even if they hate them.
Someone who isn’t different around me when they’re with their friends.
Someone who will love me for me, for being myself, instead of having to put up a front. Someone who will use every tool they have to knock down my wall.

… And if you meant looks wise, a tomboyish girl. Tattoos, piercings, good dress sense..

Also someone who wants me to go down on them all the time.