Anonymous asked
you are so cute ;3

Aw thanksssss!😊

Anonymous asked
Ahaha😂 is Manchester nice?

Define nice…😂
It’s not bad, if you’ve grown up here. And it depends what part you go to. I live in what a lot of people are now calling “the ghetto” hahahaa😂😂
It’s no ghetto, it’s not bad yano :’)

Anonymous asked
I got that part mate, I meant like where abouts in England? 😂

Oh shit yeah hahaha..
My stupid fault 🙈
Manchester✌️ All I seen was “where you from” hahaha😂

Anonymous asked
Where in the uk you from? X

England mate (:

Take your medication, Roman
Take a short vacation, Roman,
You’ll be okay

Nicki Minaj - (Roman Holiday)

Anonymous asked
How do you feel about long distance relationships?

If you’re in it 100% then they would work, but if you’re not, then they wouldn’t

I suppose that goes for any relationship though..